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The List of My Top 8 Favourite Korean Movies : Part 1

      Good afternoon readers, I am here to write about Korean movies. Korean movies are not very popular as Hollywood, but in the terms of quality, Korean movies can be better than Hollywood. Because of Korean filmmakers don't put too many visual effects in their movies and make the story in the movies boring just like the one Michael Bay did. Instead they create wondeful stories in their films that made me fell in love with them. So here is the list of my favourite Korean movies with my quick review of those films.

8. Friend : The Great Legacy
    Friend 2 Poster   This 2013 hit is a sequel to 2001 crime movie, Friend (2001) that tell story of Joon-seok who become friends with the son of his deceased friend, Sung-hoon and offered him to join forces with him after they got out from the prison. Their alliances become shaken as Sung Hoon begun to know about the connection of Joon-seok and his late father.

   I have to say that this movie is so good because of the gangster theme. We get to see Sung-hoon's past before he rise to power, a troubled boy with a dark past who join mob in order give a better life to his mother. His curiosity to his real father life and seeing him deal with the truth of his father's life is what make him a very interesting character.

    The story of this movie is very interesting, filled with drama, moral complexity and actions that is going to make the viewers remembering The Godfather.

 8.My Dictator
   My Dictator is 2014 movie with a story about an actor who acted as a body double for Kim Jong Un's grandfather, Kim II Sung. From time to time, the actor started to drown in his role, becoming "The Dictator".  His behavior made his son (who played by Park Hae-il) very concerned of his mental health.. So he decided to cast him away but later try to reconcile with his father to paid his debts.

   This movie is a mixed of family drama and historical fictions.The reason of why I love this movie is because of the heart touching story of a son who try to save his father, the man who believe he is "The Dictator" not a normal guy.  We can see that the father is really drowmed in his role because of that role is the one thing that made him feel like a new man. He put all of his heart to his performance because it's his chance to impress his son. But he start to become one with his role and that is why I think of his story as a tragedy. A tragedy about a man who become another person to impress his son.

7. Spin Kick   Image result for Spin Kick 2004 Spin Kick is 2004 sport film that tells the story of a school director who is forced to train a group of punks before leaving school. For you who love Taekwondo, I recommended this movie. It is fill with comedy and beautifully choreograph action scenes. The story is not really appealing like other movies in this list, but the relationship between characters are so good. The theme of friendship is the elements that really stand out in this film. We get to see how 6 friends trained together to win at Taekwondo Championship despite their differences. And this is why I love this movie.

6. Veteran Veteran Poster   Veteran is a 2015 action film that will make action movie lovers keep sitting on their seat. This movie is fun with great action scenes and beautiful visuals. Ah In Yoo did a terrific job as a spoiled rich kid who doesn't care about anyone but himself. Beside him, other actors who did a terrific job is Hae Jin Yoo as the main antagonist's assistant who did anything to keep the rich kid from being locked up in the prison.

  And that is the list of my top 8 favourite Korean movies of all time.  I'm going to write part 2 of this list tomorrow,  so check it out. If you have an opinion, please write it down.  

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