Monday, December 19, 2016

Mental Illness in Hungry Hearts

    Yesterday I just saw a movie in FX Channel on my cable tv. It is an indie film called Hungry Hearts. The film starts Adam Driver who made me look at him not as Kylo Ren from Star Wars episode 7 but as a promising new actors and Alba Rohrwacher. This movie is directed by Saverio Costanzo, an italian filmmaker who caught my eyes because his style in directing. Hungry Hearts is a not-so-psychological thiller about a toxic relationship between wife and husband, mental breakdown and what is it like to try to protect your kid from the person who is the love of your life.
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   The opening scene features the meeting between Jude (Adam Driver) and Mina (Alba Rohrwacher) in the toilet. Their meeting scene is quite funny because of they first met when they got lock up in the toilet. I mean it's not like everyday two persons become a couple after their meeting in a locked up toilet.

   Their encountered lead to a relationship as the two of them live together. Mina got pregnant and then she and Jude decided to get married. The pregnancy thing seems to bothered Mina so much because she said that she didn't want to get injected with modern medicines and prefer to use "alternative medicines". Jude agreed to give Mina the medicines and treatments she wanted. About a month later, Mina give birth to her son and then the situation start to take a wrong turn because of Mina didn't give her son the food he needed. Knowing about his son's life is threatened by his wife, Jude started to do everything he can to protect his son's life.
     This movie should have been called Gone Girl With A Son because the character of Mina as a psychotic wife who has done some fucked up shit to people around her. Mina is a sick twisted person who didn't give her son the nutritions he needed. Seeing her made me want to know about what is really going on inside her head that made her believe that she can protect his son by giving him anti-nutrient oil which is dangerous for a baby. It seems that she suffered meatyphobic so she don't want to eat meat at all and believe that meat and protein are dangerous to her baby.
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   This make me realize that Mina is experienced some kind of mental illness. The movie didn't showed anything about the mental illness of Mina but it cleary that she has it because of her unusal behavior. So it cleary that Mina has some kind of mental problem. She has an extreme fear to meat which is shown by her attitude in the house of Adam's mother. But the director didn't show about why she suffered a fear to meat so I don't know about why she's like that. This means that we couldn't know about why the director didn't show the viewers about the definiton of the mental illness that whose owned by Mina.

   Furthermore this film showed us that a mother can be dangerous to her child because of her mental health.This film is related to the real life because of many people think that a mother is not dangerous to her child. But the problem is that many people in America thinks that a woman is a victim because her husband hit her but in reality a woman can play victim to convinced everyone that she is innocent. And so that is the problem about the person with mental health problems in America which I try to explore by using this movie as an example.

    What do you think about the mothers with mental problems? Write a comment below and let me know.