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The List of My Favourite Korean Movies Part 2

Hello to my devoted readers. Christmas will be here soon so Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrated it. Here is my gift to you, the part 2 of the list of my favourite korean movies. Enjoy 🎅🎄👧

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4. Way Back Home (2013)
     A 2013 movie that based on the real life story of a Korean housewife who was imprisoned in Martinique for years after being wrongfuly accused of drug smuggling case in Paris Airport. His loving husband who still live in Korea begun to do everything in order to release her from the prison and come back to her hometown.
   I love this movie because it tells of the sad story of a woman who  wrongfully convicted as a drug smuggler. She never ask to be convicted as a criminal and seeing so many emotions that she shown make me shed tears. Jeon Do-yeon delivered a great performance as Jeong-yeon, the mother who is struggling to stay strong in the prison despite can't speak english or other foreign languange fluently. Other supporting actor like Goo Soo is magnificent as well, showing his devotion in to bringing his character, Jong-bae much more alive.

    For those of you want to watch a really good drama, I recommend this movie to you.
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3. Oldboy
     Oldboy is the greatest Korean movies ever made, Praised by movie critics and audiences alike, Oldboy is one of the famous Korean movies before Korean Wave existed. This movie is aethesic, and filled with great casts that made it become one of cult classic film from South Korea. Although this movie is not easily digest by some people because of it's dark theme, the great performance by Choi Min Sik who played the protagonist is going to make you love it. Oldboy is definitely a must seen movies for you who loved movies with unexpected twist. 

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2. Train To Busan
        And number 2 is 2016 horror movie, Train To Busan which become the highest grossing South Korean movies in 2016 with 10 million viewers in the country. Train to Busan is the first Korean zombie apocalypse film that managed to prove that movies with zombie theme are not just belong to Hollywood.

   This theme of Korean social life is put in this film, showing us the truth behind the life in South Korea,where people prefer to care about themselves than others even as the world is coming to an end. This movie made me realize that in modern age like this when we prefer to use our smartphones than socializing with our neighbors, we tend to cared for ourselves. And so this is what the director of Train to Busan, Yeon Sang-ho showed us in this film. 

    The visual effects in this film is quite splendid for an action movies that isn't made by Hollywood, the zombie transformation effect that made me cringe. The bone breaking transformation effect is very nasty, resembling the effect in the movie World War Z. This is why Train to Busan is one of my favourite korean movies.

1. The Sound of A Flower
     Number 1 is 2014 movie, The Sound of A Flower that tells a story of a young woman who become a pansori singer in Joseon Era despite the fact that women are not allowed to do pansori singing. She disquise as a man in order to be taught from a very famous pansori singer, Je-hyo (Ryoo Seung-ryo). Her journey to become a first female pansori singer would be tested as many tried to stop her from achieving her dream. 

   This movie is inspiring and artistic, with a theme of an oldest art form in South Korea, Pansori. The message of gender equality in this movie really made me love it because we get know about how woman treated at that time. This movie showed about how a young woman deal with gender discrimination in Joseon era, not by orchestrated a rally but by showing her talent. And this is why I love this movie so much. 

   The costumes in this movie are good looking as well, with beautifully designed clothes. The colorful costumes would make you want wear them and show off in front of your friends because of it's simple but attractive designs. The Sound of A Flower is the must seen movies from Korea for you who are interested in South Korea culture. 

   What do you think about this list? Do you got other movies in mind that you think should have made in this list? Comment below and let me know.


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